My business relationship with The Krueger Group (KG) started when our business was less than $20M and grew to $4.5B. I attribute much of our success to KG because we would give them a project and they would co-manage it thru completion.  This left us with continuing to grow and focus on the business at hand.  We had complete confidence in their abilities to work in our best interest and they always did.  They paid attention to details including cost and completing projects on time without sacrificing quality or deadlines.  They have demonstrated good interfacing skills with all the people involved in the project assigned.  Best of all is the integrity in which they work and going that extra step to satisfy their customer.

Our projects were big and small mostly in Westlake and Cleveland. KG procured land in Westlake, refurbished offices and built a research center with special permits, security and safety.  They also refurbished offices in the Terminal Tower for four floors.  They eventually built our corporate headquarters in the Key Bank building.  Maintaining the buildings and receiving advice under construction saved us a ton of money as the projects were in transition to and after completion.

I would strongly urge you to be as satisfied as we were and hire The Krueger Group for your project.  I wish you nothing but the very best in your growth. It is a great time in your life and enjoy it.  Please feel free to contact me for any concerns or questions.

My role as these projects came to completion was Founder, Chairman and CEO of OM Group, Inc.