Krueger Group, how we love you.  Our school buildings have all turned out masterpieces; four buildings at Montessori High School, one $3.5M project at the Amasa Stone Building overlooking the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, the Society of Friends building in progress and the Gries Center, which is not ours, but a project that has been close to our hearts.  Your architect, Leon Sampat, makes practical and immensely aesthetic designs look easy, allowing for the new spaces to fit right into the original designs of our buildings and winning AIA acknowledgement for preservation along the way. Bob Krueger takes each building under his wing as a passionate design/task to be implemented as a work of art. He is clearly working for a cause which he identifies first, then pursues with a single mindedness that brings design innovation and expertise. I trust your integrity and ability to go well beyond the original design, to approach each change order like a creative challenge, and provide low cost construction loans as a matter of course to support better solutions. You are a friend to the Montessori field–not merely a contractor. Every job for us has been a gift.